Our clients range from large fortune 500 companies to small startups with fewer than 50 employees. We specialize in software design and implementation but also have expertise with specialized hardware and interface design. Being a small small and agile company allows us to easily adapt to the ever changing technology landscape and customize our solutions to the specific needs of our clients. We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that have positive impact on the bottom line.

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use imagination, inspiration and ingenuity to create practical solutions to difficult and impossible problems


System Architecture

Successful projects begin with a solid foundation and a sound structure that communicates system requirements in a form that efficiently and unambiguously translates to hardware and software designs. We have…


PLC Programming

Rock solid designs and industry standards are employed to produce robust and reliable PLC programs that are intuitive and easy to work with.


HMI Design

High quality user experience is achieved by a design that meets the needs of the users rather than one dictated by the structure and form of the underlying programs.


Custom Function Blocks

Custom function function blocks are a cost effective means of producing robust and reliable PLC application software that includes superior diagnostic capabilities.


Training and Support

Energetic and effective training sessions give our clients the knowledge, confidence, and motivation they need to succeed. World class customer support guarantees it ... because their success is our success.


Network and Device Drivers

Specialized hardware designs, device drivers, and network communications involve an intimate relationship between software and the hardware it controls. In addition to the IEC-61131-3 programming languages…


Enginuity is a PLC application framework that makes it easy to design and maintain automation software.

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