Alcoa Single Stand Mill

New SMS Single Stand CVC Cold Mill

This project is comprised of a new SMS single stand reversing cold mill controlled by GE's Directo-Matic 2000 automation controllers (Multi-bus II based). We were contracted by Alcoa to provide our expertise to GE during design and implementation of the control system software and to act as liaison between GE, SMS, and Alcoa during commissioning.

We also provided an SFC (Sequential Function Chart) based design and implementation of the three Coil/Spool car controls. Effective use of the SFC's selective branching and merging capability provided a means of analysing and handling initial conditions for each of the semi-automatic operations defined.

The SMS mill stand contained CVC (continuously variable crown) hydraulic cylinders to control the horizontal position of the work rolls, main roll force hydraulic cylinders to control the vertical position and force of the work rolls, roll bending cylinders, and a myriad of electrical and hydraulic devices used for roll change operations. The system consists of the following components:

  • Multibus II Platform
  • Sequential Control
  • Work Roll Position / Force Control
  • CVC Position Control
  • Roll Bending Force Control
  • Analog Hardware Backend
  • Device Drivers
  • Control Algorithm Function Blocks

We worked closely with Alcoa, SMS, and GE during the commissioning phase to commission the 3 coil cars and 2 spool cars. We also provided technical expertise and mentoring to Alcoa personnel so that they would have the confidence and enthusiasm needed to succeully work with their new equipment.

Alcoa is a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing that innovates multi-material solutions.

SMS is a plant supplier to the metallurgical industry for steel, aluminum, and copper with competencies in design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning.

GE offers advanced and reliable automation systems with over a hundred years of experience as one of the leading suppliers to the metals industry.


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