Alcoa Tandem Cold Mill

Alcoa 2 Stand Tandem Cold Mill Upgrade

The Alcoa Davenport 2 Stand Tandem Cold Mill was upgraded with a CVC Work Roll Retrofit, new hydraulic system and a new control system. The existing mill stands were outfitted with high performance long stroke hydraulic gap control and roll bending cylinders. Two additional hydraulic cylinders controlled the CVC (continuously variable crown) position of the work rolls. SMS Seimag provided the mechanical components and General Electric provided the control system. Our founder created a state machine based system architecture and designed the HGC and CVC systems. The state machine architecture was so successful and well received by both Alcoa and SMS that it played a key role in GE's winning the 50M hot mill and 25M #1 cold mill projects. The system consists of the following components:

  • System Architecture
  • Sequential Control
  • Work Roll Position / Force Control
  • CVC Position Control
  • Roll Bending Force Control
  • Analog Hardware Backend
  • Device Drivers
  • Control Algorithm Function Blocks
Alcoa is a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing that innovates multi-material solutions.

SMS is a plant supplier to the metallurgical industry for steel, aluminum, and copper with competencies in design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning.

GE offers advanced and reliable automation systems with over a hundred years of experience as one of the leading suppliers to the metals industry.


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