MEI Solutions Super POS

Super POS / Autostar Interface

SuperPOS is one of MEI Solutions' flagship products. A backoffice application that provides a centralized means of maintaining product pricing and information that can be downloaded to individual cash register units. We designed and implemented a network interface between MEI's SuperPOS and Autostar's cash register server software.

Visual Studio and C/C++ were used to create a library of low level TCP/IP socket communication and database functions that could establish communications with the Autostar server and that could read and write records from and to Autostar's various database tables. These functions were then used to implement standard SuperPOS operations. Since the SuperPOS and Autostar database designs were completely different it was necessary for each operation to implement a mapping between the two systems. The completed interface was delivered on time in the form of a windows DLL.

MEI Solutions provides retail software technology solutions in the US, Canada, and Central and South America,

The technology within Auto~Star’s retail point of sale systems improves margins, customer relationships, and sales with a complete business solution from point of sale to back office, from head office to web-based reporting.


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